バッグ、ベビービブなどの布雑貨・アクセサリーや洋服などのセレクトアイテムを取り扱う[KILLYEDNA (キリィエドナ)]での経験を活かし、同じ形は一つとしてない「波」のような、更にワンランク上のプロダクト制作を目指す。



2020年、フィンランド発のブランド”Ivana Helsinki”とのコラボレーションがスタート。

Utilizing his experience at [KILLYEDNA], which deals with select goods such as clothes and accessories, such as bags and baby bibs, and clothing, we aim to produce a higher-grade product, such as a “wave” that does not have the same shape.

Produced an original woodworking mouthpiece [mu-moku-] that combines beauty and functionality.

We will offer the world’s only one-of-a-kind clutch bag combining traditional Japanese crafts such as kimono and obi with silk fabrics and original fabrics from home and abroad.

In 2020, collaboration with Finnish brand “Ivana Helsinki” started.

Hanako Takahashi

娘の誕生を機にベビーアイテム(子供服・トートバッグ・ベビービブ)を作り始め、2008年にバッグ・ベビービブなどの布雑貨ブランド[KILLYEDNA]設立。頑張る女性に寄り添える商品作りを目指し、近年は海外でアクセサリー・洋服などのセレクトにも力を入れ、女性が素敵になるお手伝いを心掛けている。世の中の女性がより素敵になるお手伝いを目標に活動している。更にワンランク上の女性のあり方をテーマにした[Nami tokyo]を立ち上げ、made in Japanの技術や芸術性の高さを世界に発信していく。

With the birth of her daughter, she started making baby items (children’s clothes, tote bags, baby bibs). In 2008, she established a brand of cloth goods such as bags and baby bibs [KILLYEDNA]. Aiming to create products that can be close to women who work hard, in recent years he has been focusing on selecting accessories and clothes overseas to help women become wonderful. She works to help women around the world become more beautiful. In addition, we will launch [Nami tokyo], a theme on the way women should go up a notch, and disseminate the skills and artistic skills of made in Japan to the world.